I have a Etsy store to sell products I make. I want to make more  products for folks with chronic pain conditions. Being a sufferer myself I see the need to provide products and information in a single source so folks can try alternatives to the myriad of chemicals available at your local doctor’s.  Often being worse than the disease itself and expensive! I have gone in search of some basic herbal remedies that do not cause a bunch of side effects and work! And then I started making my own not having a ton of money to shell out to all the hands that are outstretched.

I have tinctures such as Valerian (good for relaxing and sleep), Comfrey (good for pain and relaxing), Eucalyptus (good for sinus infections and colds, you inhale this not ingest it.) I have double strength Madagascar Vanilla which I can proudly say is the best I have ever tasted! I have a non-toxic concentrated cleaner, Lavender or Lemon, that cleans just about every surface you can think of! I make Flax, rice and lavender (or other smell such as eucalyptus) Microwave or freeze packs for easing pain and swelling. Very comforting. I make a rectangle with straps you can microwave and tie so it covers your back. I am currently making ghost bead bracelets which legend says the beads are to protect you from evil spirits. :-). I also tie and dye T-shirts, bandanas, socks, hats, etc. I do not always have these items all listed at the Etsy shop but if you message me I am happy to make any of these you are interested in if I do not already have it made. I can also custom dye any cotton clothing you have. I cannot control the process precisely but I can do any colors you want and you need to be flexible in the end design result. You can message me at cmatusky@comcast.net and visit my Etsy shop at http://www.etsy.com/shop/Dancingbearsnet

I look forward to hearing from you! Welcome and gentle hugs to you!



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