Waking Up

I thought I knew how bad it could get. I had fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis, psoriasis, arthritis, etc. but then I got really sick and then I really knew the truth about what it meant to be really really sick. So sick I felt like at one point I just wanted out. I just wanted to quit, get off this ride, end it, I had enough! If it had gone on much longer without treatment I would have checked out for sure.

I had Hypothyroid disease or I should say I have hypothyroid disease because once you have it it is for life. I got treatment right away once the little bugger decided to come out of hiding and show itself. See that’s the awful part is it can hide for years and years. And doctors will tell you it is all in your freakin head! But lucky me I happen to have a fantastic healer woman in my life. She was running a bunch of tests to determine why I was not responding to some therapies and it decided to finally rear its little head! Thank God! Thus began the journey into Thyroid treatment or T4 therapy. Which at first helped to a degree but then it stalled and stagnated and would not get any better and I was stuck with my situation sort of better but not really and not good enough and it finally actually startedd to back slide.

And then I started to feel like life was not worth it anymore. I had spent two years sleeping, hurting, not doing any more than the bare essentials barely living. And the thyroid medicine had worked but then had stalled so if this was it then it was not okay. I wasn’t living.

But then I got a new thyroid medicine added called T3 because my body isn’t apparently converting any of the T4 into the T3 like it is supposed to do. Poof! In a matter of days maybe even hours my body started waking up. I am not kidding you. It is like night and day. I am weak as a kitten from two years from immobility but I am walking out our trail, driving around, going places shopping, gardening, cleaning, wearing myself out. I am pooped but I keep going and going. It is a miracle. All I can hope is that it keeps working please. Please God don’t let it stall or stop!. I feel alive finally and I feel like life is worth it again!

Thank you God, Goddess and my wonderful Healer Woman Medea Karr! God Bless you Medea!!!!

About C. Matusky

Owner of retail online store selling items for gifts and to help folks like myself who have chronic pain conditions.
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1 Response to Waking Up

  1. Oh Cindy, I feel so blessed that I’ve been able to help you… every success helps me find the strength to keep pushing forward to help someone else, and someone else, and on and on until we’ve made a tiny dent in the suffering in our world. Please share the book you read recently with your blog readers, it may help others with inadequate thyroid treatment find their way to the right medicine. I feel a new blog post percolating on the different types of thyroid treatment available…. I’ll let you know when it has finished “brewing!” Warm gentle hugs…. Medea

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