Crawling Uphill

Finally it seems we may have stumbled onto some thyroid medicine that is actually working better for me! I had gotten dramatically better initially just taking any thyroid but that wore off fairly quickly and slowly ebbed and I started showing signs again of low thyroid as we raised my dose up.  My nails were daily tearing off in sheets and layers so thin it was like rice paper. And my brush was once again full of large wads of hair. My hair had not even had a chance to really start growing back from the initial loss. Of course it affects me the worse as my hair was so incredibly long and full and now it is every length known to humans and only looks like I have some hair because I have not lost the last 1/4 of the side long hair….sigh…

So we started me on some T3 to see if it might be the answer and Viola! in a few days, no kidding only a few my nails quit peeling! And the amount of hair in my brush backed off! Now of course it is not all the way well and we still have a long ways to go to sort this out and get m to the right dose and do we keep me on the other one, etc….BUT, I am getting better.

A couple years ago this all started with my having to leave my job due to fibromyalgia and psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis. Since then they discovered I have 30% curve left to right mid spine scoliosis; a curve in the lumbar; a curve at the top; and Osteoporosis as well. So when they found out my Thyroid was malfunctioning I pretty much decided that’s it my body has betrayed me. Every one of these things is hard to treat, involves pain, etc.

I at least knew why I could no longer sleep in a bed and was doing things like sleeping around the clock for days or not being able to walk out Bunker Trail. But I pretty much felt like life was done for me since none of the drugs were really getting me any where. I am only 58 but am trapped in my body that is malfunctioning. And those who like to judge you, you know the ones, they would just say no to drugs and not inhale, think if you would just get off your ass and exercise or do this or that health treatment because Billy bob did or Bonnie mae got well doing…well by god it’s freakin all your own damn fault!

Well excuse the rant I digress…where was I…oh yea the T3, it’s working!  So like yesterday, for the first time in two years, I walked out Bunker Trail by myself drove uptown and went through Granny’s and then ran errands. Fred was not feeling good. Then came home and had to carry a large canvas bag of stuff down the 1/4 mile trail. I was one pooped lady by the time I got here but I sure felt good!!!!

Of course that night I get an email from a neighbor saying, “oh saw you uptown and you are getting around okay so you must be well now!”  Yep, there it is, Can’t see it so it does not exist syndrome…sigh.

So this morning I was worried I was going to have a flare from over doing as was my lady DR. but I am okay!  I am very tender like I did a marathon, LOL. It has been a long time and I am way out of shape…So this old lady is gonna keep chugging crawling uphill hoping the T3 keeps working!

Peace and Blessings

About C. Matusky

Owner of retail online store selling items for gifts and to help folks like myself who have chronic pain conditions.
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