Once again…

Two more days and back I go to the woods alone to quit again for the ? time.  God please let it be the last!  I don’t want to be old, sick, coughing my head off!  This Fibromyalgia has already stolen precious time from my life!  I am hoping quitting will make it easier to live with the Fibro for sure. It is such a life sucking disease.

My friends from the east coast are now home and it really was good to meet them and glad it happened.  Sad I could not manage the stress enough and let it ruin my last quit.  But the good news is I love going out alone to work on my issues.  Saves my partner from having to hear all the whining which he does not need.

I wish I had taken more time to appreciate my well body when I was younger.  It really is an amazing thing to be healthy and have your body ticking along as it was meant to.With the fibro each day is a challenge different from the last.  It gets very tiring for sure.  Not to mention all the different drugs that cause a bazillion side effects as well!

I am hoping to get back into slowly getting more physical and in March when I get Medicare I plan on going and seeing if they can do surgery to fix my foot that makes walking so difficult. Right now I cannot go very far before it kicks in to hurting too bad and swells up three times bigger up to my knee. And gardening on my 45 degree slope has been almost impossible anymore as the foot won’t tolerate the pressure distribution at that angle.

So I am going to try and take my life back from doing all these awful killer habits and then start to kick Fibromyalgia in the ass I hope!  I know once I quit again it won’t be long at all before I feel more energetic and breathing better, making walking easier too and exercise which I desperately need as my muscles are all going from not being able to move around good.

Will let you know how it goes after the fact and Blessings and soft gently hugs to you all!

About C. Matusky

Owner of retail online store selling items for gifts and to help folks like myself who have chronic pain conditions.
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