The Never Ending….

IMG_0017In mid-September I went out to the “woods” by myself to do some personal therapy and quit smoking and using alcohol to drown my feelings and hurts.  I spent 8 glorious days and felt so fantastic when I came home.  But, a day after I arrived, so did 2 folks from my husbands past from the east coast. Or I should say 1 person from his past and her husband.  I was a wreck as this was his “first love’ his teenage sweetheart and I had no clue what her agenda might  be coming out here to hang out on my island (I must interject of course it is not my island but I sure feel like it is a bunch of the time!), for 2 whole weeks with no plans except to try and connect or re-connect in person with him.  Maybe because I am the jealous type or maybe because I tend to mistrust the intentions of others often, I did not see a reason for this visit for such an extended period of time… I mean I had even sent them brochures of some of the awesome places to visit here in the NW like Rialto Beach on our wild coast and the Olympic Penninsula, but no they just came here to sit in this expensive very nice rental on my island…LOL

Well, 2/3rd of the time they are to be here has passed and honestly while it was very nice to meet her and him, I am no nearer an answer as to why just come hang out and wait to see if He or I are feeling good enough for company.  See we both are disabled, he with 46 years of type 1 diabetes and me with the Psoriatic arthritis and Fibromyalgia at the top of a long list of minor ailments trailing behind. And you guessed it, my eight days of sobriety and smoke freeness went poof, in one large puff of a cigarette up in smoke.

So here it is, again I am determined this is going to work somehow.  After they leave and about one week later I am going back to the “woods” and do some major therapy. I will quit once again and put a good 5 days under my belt before my sweetie shows up and we go off to the wild coast for 5 days together.  Hopefully the cranky part will mostly be a receding feeling so he does not have to endure the bitchiness part of the withdrawals. And I am hoping and praying to the Goddess that no major stress will tap on my shoulder for at least a little stretch so I do not have it as an excuse to ruin my efforts again.

If you read this and can just say a little prayer for me to succeed it would be so appreciated!  And when I return by Mid-November I will have a good stock of the spirit bracelets for folks to buy for themselves or as a gift for a friend or loved one. The prices are decent and affordable and the product is attractive and therapeutic to wear.  The Spirit Chakra Ghost Bead ones contain semi-precious stones that work with each of the chakra’s and Ghost Beads which Navajo legend says protects the  wearer from evil spirits and entities. Then I also have a version that has Ghost Beads and various semi-precious stones and a plainer more traditional seed bead ghost bead bracelets.

You can see pictures of some I have made in my Etsy store located at this link: and a number of photos also on my FB site at  You can copy and paste those links in your browser window to access.

Making bracelets has become the best therapeutic tool I have come up with so far to ease my chronic pain, at least on the days my hands are not too bad. And they have energy that helps any of you with chronic illnesses to receive some good energy helping to heal your pain and tortured bodies.

Thanks for listening and I hope to see you along the way!

Peace and Blessings


About C. Matusky

Owner of retail online store selling items for gifts and to help folks like myself who have chronic pain conditions.
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