This recipe is taken from “Back to Eden” by Jethro Kloss, his classic Guide to Herbal Medicine Natural Foods and Home Remedies since 1939. His book full of recipes and good advice to this day can be found at Amazon and other book stores. His son republished a revised edition, the last being in 2009 50 years after the original.

Good for all pains, painful swellings, bruises, boils, skin eruptions of any kind, and pimples. Apply Herbal Liniment every few minutes for an hour or two. BE CAREFUL NOT TO GET IT INTO THE EYE. It contains cayenne pepper. Should this happened flush the eye with cold water thoroughly for several minutes to remove all traces. It can offer instant relief for pain, inflamed muscles, bruises, and sprains.

Herbal Liniment is also very useful for headaches. Apply to the temples, the back of the neck, and the forehead. It is very effective for rheumatism. For toothache, apply in the cavity and all around on the gums and on the outside of the jaw if necessary. It will take the swelling and soreness away. It is excellent for pyorrhea and sores in the mouth. Saturate a piece of cotton and thoroughly wash the mouth with liniment; or take a mouthful, rinse the mouth with it and spit it out. It is very good for pain located in any part of the body. It is also useful for the control of athlete’s foot. Apply frequently, saturating the affected parts thoroughly.

The recipe I used to make this came from his book and is as follows:  To make Herbal Liniment, combine 2 ounces of powdered myrrh, one ounce of powdered golden seal, one half ounce cayenne pepper and one quart rubbing alcohol (70%). Mix together and let stand 7 days; shake well every day, decant off, and bottle in corked bottles. If you do not have golden seal, make the liniment without it. Label the bottle clearly for “External Use Only”

Mountain Rose Herbs Blog has additional recipes for other types of liniment using cooling herbs. They are an excellent resource for information on using herbs and I buy most of my herbs from their bulk section. They can be found at http://mountainroseblog.com/ and http://www.mountainroseherbs.com/


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